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Aug 4, 2019

Premier Doug Ford took to Ontario News Now, (the PC party’s social media “news” channel), to endorse Pelee Island wines. The move sparked an immediate, if not kneejerk, response from critics who called for a boycott of the Niagara region winery. While the boycott may have been overboard, the premier faces legitimate complaints that he and his ministers give preferred treatment to those who cut big cheques for the party.

Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney floated the idea of selling naming rights at five GO Transit stations. The government’s even prepared to sell naming rights to quiet zones and washrooms. 

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner has come up with his own plan to clean up the political appointment process at Queen’s Park. But can it rise above politics.

And we wrap up what appears to have been a good week for the Ford government’s handling of the autism file. Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Todd Smith has turned down the heat it seems but has raised expectations that every autism family will get the help and support they need and the government won’t have to spend more than $600 million to get that job done.