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Oct 8, 2020

The province's management of the COVID testing program has been just shy of a shit show. Reporting this week by the Toronto Star makes it pretty clear the Ontario government wasted its only opportunity to put a robust testing program in place during the summer months.

It appears, for all the commitment to "do whatever it takes", the Ford government refused to spend the money to set up a complete testing system. That means establishing testing locations, establishing criteria for those who should be tested, providing adequate supplies and personnel to administer the tests.

But the tests are completely useless if you can't turn the results around in less than three days. The RNA begins to degrade, meaning the results are immediately suspect.

We learned this week the testing backlog is somewhere north of 90 thousand cases! There is no way any of these results can be trusted.

And that's the issue for the Ford government now. Trust. 

Combine the testing debacle with the inconsistent, if not conflicting messages from the province's public health authorities and the public officers of health in Toronto and Ottawa, and the Premier is on the verge of losing the trust of the same people who gave him such high praise in the Spring for his handling of the pandemic.