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May 25, 2018

Thirty days. Thirty podcasts! Dave Trafford, Executive Producer of iContact Productions and John Wright, CEO - Insight of Dart Insight and Communications  take a daily swipe at the Ontario campaign until election day on June 7th. They chase the race and follow the leaders. What should you expect? What didn't you expect in this campaign?

DAY 17: Okay. I know it looks like we missed a day on the trail...and we did, but only because John Wright tangled with a dog and ended up with a K-9 bite! The headline reads: POLLSTER BITTEN BY DOG. The good news for John is he didn't have a Poll on him at the time of the encounter. We know what dogs do to polls!

So, this is part one of two on this 17th day. And we take advantage of John's experience as a pollster to take a deep dive on methodology and how we should be interpreting polls published during this campaign.