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May 18, 2018

Thirty days. Thirty podcasts! Dave Trafford, Executive Producer of iContact Productions and John Wright, CEO - Insight of Dart Insight and Communications  take a daily swipe at the Ontario campaign until election day on June 7th. They chase the race and follow the leaders. What should you expect? What didn't you expect in this campaign?

Day 10: More than a third of the way through Ontario Election 2018! And it looks like the Ballot Question is "Do you want change" and the resounding answer is "HELL YA!". The problem here is voting for 'change' is a dangerous thing. It avoids or ignores issues that are facing Ontarians - issues that are going to have an effect on the way people live and work in this province for the next 50 years. The infrastructure/transit file is a perfect example of too many chefs in the kitchen. We will end up with an overpriced meal that no one wants to eat!

Then there's the 'STINK' over the next three weeks for the Tories. Today, the York Regional Police Fraud Unit has confirmed they've launched an investigation into the alleged data breach at 407 ETR and accusations that the stolen data was used to create IDs in order to nominate PC candidates.

John Wright says the post Victoria Day polls will set the tone and pace for the final 15 days of the campaign.