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Jun 2, 2018

Thirty days. Thirty podcasts! Dave Trafford, Executive Producer of iContact Productions and John Wright, CEO - Insight of Dart Insight and Communications  take a daily swipe at the Ontario campaign until election day on June 7th. They chase the race and follow the leaders. What should you expect? What didn't you expect in this campaign?

DAY 29:There is a certain breathlessness about this final day on the campaign trail prior to voting day. Each of the party leaders playing the game trying to rallying the troops to 'get the vote out'.

I compared this campaign to a marathon.

Kathleen Wynne seemed to adopt the run-walk strategy - which is simply a 'finish the race' approach.

Doug Ford's campaign resembled what we runners call a Fartlek: simply defined as periods of fast running intermixed with periods of slower running.

Andrea Horwath ran a 'negative split' - which is finishing harder and faster than she started.

But the polls haven't shifted. So unless a significant number of voters 'shift' in the next 24 hours - which is not inconceivable given the unprecedented nature of this campaign - the PCs are headed for a majority government.