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Jun 2, 2018

Thirty days. Thirty podcasts! Dave Trafford, Executive Producer of iContact Productions and John Wright, CEO - Insight of Dart Insight and Communications  take a daily swipe at the Ontario campaign until election day on June 7th. They chase the race and follow the leaders. What should you expect? What didn't you expect in this campaign?

DAY 28: It's hard to see how the NDP can win this election. One day left in the campaign and Andrea Horwath's New Democrats remain tied with Doug Ford's PC's in the popular vote but those numbers break in favour of a Tory majority.

The question is what will this new government do to manage, let alone fix, the issues that challenge this province? What opportunities will this new government make the most of to ensure economic success for the next generation?

And if we are facing a generational collapse of the Ontario Liberal Party, who are the leaders who will change the channel, who will change the political rhetoric from gotcha to inspiration? Who will engage the millennial leaders to step up to offer a vision of the 21st century rather than re-litigate the problems of the 20th?