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Jun 9, 2022

All this talk about a Liberal-NDP merger in Ontario is utter nonsense. Why would the NDP waste any energy or time "merging" with the leaderless Liberals, when they're well positioned to stage a hostile takeover. 

A re-energized NDP could easily render the Liberals irrelevant before the 2026 campaign. 

Sabrina Nanji at the Queen's Park Observer quotes a pair of party insiders on their thoughts about the party's future.


— JONATHAN SCOTT, longtime operative who ran runner-up MICHAEL COTEAU’s 2020 leadership bid: “[2022] could be an extinction-level event for the party, if the party doesn’t learn the lessons voters are telling us. It’s time to modernize, throw the doors wide open and build a new party from the ground up. It’s time to be respectful and not talk down to people, especially in rural Ontario, and drop any attitude that we know best.”

— KELLY FOOTE, veteran organizer and community activist: “The party’s problems can’t be fixed by the same people who presided over them.”

Both great points. And both bits of advice should have been acted on 4 years ago.