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Sep 13, 2019

If the medium is the message, then Premier Doug Ford's anti-carbon tax message isn't sticking. The government mandated anti-federal carbon tax labels that adorn gas pumps across the province are peeling off; reporting in the Toronto Star suggests they've got the wrong adhesive. First problem is, the glue is intended for indoor use; the second issue is the glue was meant to adhere to metal (the gas pump coverings are vinyl).

The labels may not stick but the irony is sticking to the premier, whose family fortune comes from a very successful decal and labelling company.

But in the grand scheme of things, that was something of a media invented issue for the Ford Folks at Queen's Park this week. For the most part, the provincial Tories are keeping their heads low, tending to constituency work, while ministers pop up from time to time to offer some good news announcement (like the deficit isn't nearly as bad as we thought!!)