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Oct 15, 2019

Justin Trudeau barely gets through a stump speech or a Q&A with media without mentioning Doug Ford's name multiple times. He accuses the Ontario premier of taking care of his rich pals and cutting essential services intended to support the most vulnerable. Trudeau says a Scheer government in Ottawa would do the same or worse.

The strategy is fairly transparent. The Liberals are not only linking Andrew Scheer to an unpopular premier, they're baiting Ford to engage in the federal campaign. But try as they may, the Trudeau Liberals have not been able to draw Ontario Premier Doug Ford into the fight.

Ford has been highly disciplined through the writ period, sitting quietly on the sidelines since the Governor General dissolved parliament on September 11th. And, it would appear, the federal Conservatives are fine with that strategy.

And it became all the more pronounced when Scheer made several stops in Ontario in the past week, glad-handing and door knocking with Jason Kenney at his side. Yes, Scheer was stumping with Alberta's premier in Ontario while Doug Ford remained out of sight.

Our panelists, John Wright, Partner at Dart, Keith Leslie, CH Television commentator, Dave Trafford, Executive Producer iContact Productions, and special guest Melissa Lantsman, VP Hill and Knowlton ask the question: Was it good strategy or an explicit political admission that Ford is toxic?