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Jun 9, 2022

All this talk about a Liberal-NDP merger in Ontario is utter nonsense. Why would the NDP waste any energy or time "merging" with the leaderless Liberals, when they're well positioned to stage a hostile takeover. 

A re-energized NDP could easily render the Liberals irrelevant before the 2026 campaign. 

Sabrina Nanji at...

Jun 3, 2022

The sleepiest of campaigns turned out to be one for the history books on a number of counts. 

First Doug Ford won a second majority in Ontario.

Second, he won more seats in this election than he did in 2018.

Third, he won more of the popular vote this time around than he did in 2018.

Fourth, both main Opposition leaders...

Jun 2, 2022

Bob Reid at Broadway Strategy and Communications spent time advising Mike Harris when he sat in the Premier's chair in Ontario.

What's it like for the leaders and the staffers on Election Day. The campaign is over. It's up to us to mark our ballots.

Jun 1, 2022

The Toronto Star says Doug Ford broke their Fact Checker because, for the most part the far and few between statements he made between May 25 and May 29 stated uncheckable facts. To me, that means he's spent the bulk of what little time he's spent speaking publicly uttering meaningless slogans.

On average, he's spending...

May 31, 2022

Sabrina Nanji just gets on a roll over Steven Del Duca's prospects of winning his seat in Vaughan-Woodbridge when she falls off the internet! No injuries reported.

But it speaks to the shift in media coverage at Queen's Park and on the campaign away from in-person scrums in favour of remote video links and a...